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  • August 2017

In August 2017 we start with the presentation of the first pictures. Currently we collect images - photographs of the first bases. If you have done some interesting photos in the topics presented on our portal, exhibit them at our auctions.

  • September 2017

The first AUCTION will be available in September when the bases are ready. You are the author of interesting photos and graphics contact me. Please read our Terms and Conditions. On the Policy tab you will find the documents you need...

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Contact Details

ForLastPenny Portal

st.Pomorska 34 loc.8

Wroclaw, DLN 50-218


Email: info@e-forlastpenny.com

Office: (+48)  881 - 348 - 334

Mobile: (+48)  792 - 184 - 610

Our Photo World



We are young passionate about graphics and photography entrepreneurs. Our task on this portal is to create a place where, by sharing the work, they exchange the works. This exchange is based on certain rules favorable to both parties. The issuer determines the value of the work initially and the buyer can purchase it at the best price. 

We also take care that the work is acquired as fully legal in the light of applicable copyright laws and civil law. Thanks to the fact that we create graphic art and we are passionate about photography, we can professionally advise and mediate the design. Meet our auctions...

First steps

  • Auction Rules.
  • Principles of Acquisition.
  • Forlastpenny Code.
  • Frequently Asked Questions.
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Support for Authors

  • What and whom are we looking for?
  • Disposition Rules.
  • Time and form of cooperation.
  • Frequently Asked Questions.
  • HELP

 How it's working? Where to look.

The entrance to our gallery takes place through four theme rooms - photographs. Sales work is carried out through the same auctions in rooms direct - photography work, on the right side of the gallery you will find the auction module. 

You can choose the photos or graphics you are engaging with, by providing a contact id form 
Number-letter ID tag: See example...